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Editor's Preface


Academic year: 2021

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Aleksander Kobylarek

Editor’s Preface

The Journal of Education, Culture and Society nr 1, 4


Editor’s Preface

The current issue of the Journal is divided into 4 parts. In Experience the reader will find two different texts about modern organizations. One of the them (very theoretical or meta- theoretical) describes groups of institutions in modern adult education systems, the other analyses behavior in the organizational climate.

Expression is fulfilled by two younger English literature researchers, who have written essays

about Ruskin, Auden, Yeats and Ostriker.

In Transgression we find two specific views concerned with post modern changes. One perspective tries to interpret the postmodern fascination with death while the other analyzes the family aspect of life. The Agata Kozak’s view of marriage is a kind of reaction to the liberalization of family forms and structures.

The Polish section contains three analyses of ideas, writings and language. The last text is about stereotypes of Poles and Germans in a specific part of Poland.

In the next issue we will publish the first texts from abroad. It is very difficult to find a text with an original idea, important for science, interesting for the specialist, in the right form and written by a student.

Every issue will be published timed towards the end of the Polish academic semester for organizational reasons- this means that the first issue in each year will be published in June/ July, and the next- in February/ March of the following year.

Aleksander Kobylarek Chief Editor


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