Klasa 7 Vocabulary 1 Complete the text using the words in the box. There are four extra words.

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Klasa 7 Vocabulary

1 Complete the text using the words in the box. There are four extra words.

listening to check gang sending hard-

working digital forget video

clips taking advice having phoni

ng ignoring

love gadgets! My favourite is my smartphone. I use it for 0 listening to music, 1 friends and

2 and receiving instant messages. I also have a really nice new 3 camera that I use to make 4 and for 5 nice photos. I don’t do lots of the things that some teenagers do, like belonging to a 6 or doing dangerous things. I’m a 7 person and do well at school but I also love going to the cinema or to parties with friends.

2 Complete the words using the definitions.

0 An animal like a horse with black and white stripes. z e b r a 1 What you need to do to a pet’s fur. b _ _ _ _ it

2 A small computer you control by touching the screen. t _ _ _ _ _ 3 If you are a little bit angry then you feel like this. a _ _ _ _ _ _ 4 Transfer a file from the internet to your computer. d _ _ _ _ _ _ _

5 A TV programme that is about real places, events or people. d _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 6 Most birds are covered in these. f _ _ _ _ _ _ _

7 A teenager, just before they become an adult. a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

3 Complete the sentences by adding the correct verb.

1 Sometimes teenagers make a lot of noise.

2 Some people music and files with other people.

3 My brother the guitar and the piano but he’s not very good.


4 When you on a link, it takes you to another web page or website.

5 You need to your computer before it will work.

6 If you get a pet, you have to it very carefully.

7 If you can’t do something or find it difficult, don’t – you can do it if you try hard!



4 Write the correct forms of the verbs in the table below.


Present simple with he/she

-ing form Past simple

call calls 1 calling called

happen happens happening 1________

agree agrees 2________ agreed

carry 3________ carrying carried

cost costs 4________

give gives 5_______ gave

buy buys buying 6________

steal steals stealing 7________

5 Complete the dialogue with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets. Use contractions where possible.

Matt: Hi, Michelle. I 0 phoned (phone) you yesterday – where 1 (be) you?

Michelle: I 2 (go) to my uncle and aunt’s house. I hate 3 (visit) them. My cousins are so rude and there’s nothing to do there.

Matt: So why 4 (go) then?

Michelle: It 5 (be) my aunt’s birthday so she 6 (invite) us for lunch. I 7 (don’t mind / eat) the lovely food, but I 8 (forget / charge) my phone so I couldn’t answer your call – sorry.

6 Complete the sentences with the correct form of these verbs. There are four extra verbs.

watch work do be top up

talk wear open go live

1 I didn ’t watch any television last night – there were no good programmes on.

2 Jane to school last week. She was ill.

3 I can’t come to your house right now – I my homework.

4 What kind of clothes to go running when it’s cold?

5 There many people at the concert so we could see really well.

6 Why your phone yesterday? You’ve got no credit.


Use of English

7 Read the text and choose the correct options.

Daisy: Phil, 0 you take my tablet? 1 for it and I can’t find it anywhere.

Phil: Daisy, I’m 2 sorry! I borrowed it this morning and I think I 3 it on the bus.

Daisy: Phil Ingham, you can’t be 4 ! That’s the tablet 5 my mum and dad got me.

Phil: It’s all my fault. First of 6 , I checked 7 my Facebook page on it but then I saw a friend out of the window and decided to get off the bus. I put it on the seat and left it there.

Daisy:How could you be so 8 ?

0 A are B do C did

1 A I’m look B I look C I’m looking

2 A really B much C big

3 A did leave B left C leaved

4 A real B true C serious

5 A which B who C where

6 A it B each C all

7 A at B out C in

8 A careless B idiot C angry


8 Read the sentences and choose the correct answers.

1 I’m getting to go out with my friends.

A ready B forward C better

2 He took his dog to the because it was ill.

A doctor’s B hospital C vet’s

3 Alan’s very in acting and movies.

A mad B interested C into

4 Do you use the internet to look information?

A out B over C for

5 Some teenage animals are and fight a lot.

A aggressive B adventurous C impulsive 6 This is the sports centre I play football.

A which B where C who


9 Use the correct forms of the words in the box to complete the text below. There are three extra words.

problem interest child go get professio

n fortunate behave energ

y success

When I was young, I had a lot of 0 problems . We moved to many different places during my

1 and I found this very difficult. As I got older, my 2 changed and I became more relaxed. I didn’t mind 3 to school and did well. I became 4 in the subjects I studied, took a lot of exams and passed them all. I went to university, then became a 5 TV presenter, making shows about animals. The programmes are very 6 and are now on TV in many different countries.


Vocabulary ___ / 20 Grammar ___ / 20 Use of English ___ / 20 Your total score ___/ 60




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