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Uzupełnij zdania w stronie biernej.


Academic year: 2021

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Uzupełnij zdania w stronie biernej.

Strona 1 z 2

1. My flat clean thoroughly every week.

2. These journalists not/employ by my company.

3. English speak all over the world.

4. Many accidents cause by drunk drivers.

5. These toys produce in Great Britain.

6. Our jewellery buy by women from all over the world.

7. Smoking not/allow in hospitals.

8. many books/sell online?

9. My photographs not/include in the book.

10. My brother see in the theatre every weekend.

11. My cat hit by a car yesterday.

12. Those beautiful poems write by my best friend.

13. Her new car damage very badly last night.

14. You fire because you didn't work hard enough.

15. The telephone invent a long time ago.


Uzupełnij zdania w stronie biernej.

Strona 2 z 2

16. My friends rob in a car park last week.

17. His decision not/accept from the very beginning.

18. I give a prize only once in my life.

19. My dog find in the forest and bring home yesterday.

20. The new chairs order two weeks ago but haven't arrived yet.

21. The letter not/post a week ago, it was earlier.

22. As Kate is very busy working, her children usually/look after by a nanny.

23. My friends advise to be careful about the food when they were in India.

24. your shop/close for a long time?

25. My flowers not/water every day. I do it every three days.

26. that car/produce in Sweden or Italy?

27. Jane not/ask to move out until next week.

28. Mike and I catch reading my sister's diary yesterday.

29. I tell to be quiet at least twice during each lesson.

30. The contract sign tomorrow.


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