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Proceedings of the 10th Conference and Exhibition ‘Offshore South East Asia’, World Trade Center, Singapore (summary)


Academic year: 2021

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American Aceocietion of Petroteum Qeologliet

Austndlau Petroleum Esiilatatiaa


S o e f è t y of Nevml Architects Be




f f S h O r P

Conference & Exhibition


r r i J r A C ' r A


'^'^^ Singapore


6-9 December 1994

Conference Preprints

All papers wthin arc under cop>Tifiht of Offshore South East Asia Confet^ncc The material, as presented, docs not

necessanly t^Deci any position of tlie Offshore South East Asia Conference or its ofllcere. Permission to copy is restricted to

an abstract of not more than 300 words. Ulustraüons may not be copied. Ttie abstract should contahi conspicuous

acknowledgement of where and by whom the paper was presented.

StipporUd By :

American Association of Petroleum Geologists

Australian Petroleum Exploration Association Ltd

Society of Naval Architects ft Marine ^gineers, Singapore

South East Asian Petroleum Exploration Society


Frögramme Commi

Dr J. Aong K h i n (Chairman)

AFKA Company Pte Ltd


Hr Zafrol Alam

Ministiy of Communications


Mr Chris Barton

McDermott Singapore


Mr Rodney Bertrand

Otis Engineering Singapore


Mr John Bishop

SEAPEX c/o Westem Geophyscial


Mr Chen Wei Chang

Sembawang Bethlehem Pte Ltd


Mr Roger Eubank

Eubank Energy Corp.


Mr L Van Hellemond

Sarawak Shell Berhad


Mr Mohamad Ismail



Mr Steve Kirchhoff

Esso Production Malaysia Inc.


Mr Larry Meaojc

Petroleum Technology Associates (S) Pte

Ltd Singapore

Mr Chris Palmer

Petroline Wireline Services Ltd


Mr Seow Phoi Fah

Far East Levingston Shipbuilding Ltd


Ms Kelley Smoot

Straits Energy Consultants


Mr Jim. Starkey

Australian Institute of Petroleum Ltd


Hr K P Tan

Ngee Ann Polytechnic


Hr Paul Vorabutr

PTT Exploration 85 Production Piblic Co.


Ur Wong Ueng Hoe

M H Wong Marine Pte Ltd


Technical Sessions

Session 1 -

onshore Technology 1:

Construction & Field Development

Session 8 -

Drilling Teclmology

Session 2 -

Advances in Petroleom Geology fli

Session 9 -

Computer Technology

Geophysics 1

Session 10 -

Prodnctlon ^ g l n e e r i n g 1

Session 3 -

OfTshore Technology 2:

Floating Prodnction

Session 11 -


Session 4 -

Advances In Petroleum Geology &

Session 12 -

Production Engineering 2

Geophysics 2

Session 13 -

Hatura] Gas

Session 5 -

Offshore Technology 3:


Session 14 -


Session 6 -

Horizontal Drilling

Session I S -

Health & Safety

Session 7 -

OfTshore Technology 4:

Structural Engineering



Session 1

S e u l o a Chairmen OSEA - 94139 OSEA - 94073 OSEA - 9408S O S E A - 9 4 0 9 9

Offshore Technology 1:

Construction & Field Development

Mr Chris Barton, McDermotl Singapore

M r Ng Tliian Poll .ScrnbawangShipyard LUi.Singapore

T i e Role Of SemJ Snbmera&le Crane V e » e U I n Deep Water Field D e r e l o p m e n t » : Orerriew of Prevlona Experience And New AppUcationa

Mr J .L. B c g u i n & M r R . Broeder. HcercMac V.O.F.The Netheriands; Mr H.M. Williams, Hccrcma UK Scrviccs.UK

Semi - Sobmeralble Crane V e n e U I n The Far East OfEdiore M a r k e t : Conseqnences And Oppoitunitlea

Mr J O v a n der Graaf & Mr D Brunt, HcereMac V.O.FThe Netheriands

A Viewpoint Of Meteoroloclcal ConalderatlonB Dnrinf Heavy Lifts.

Mr Alan Douglas. The Met. Offioe & Wimpey Environmental Intl,.Singapore

Extended Satellite Teclmology Adoptinc Minimum Intervention Plillo*opliy As AppUed To J 4 Field Development

Mr Johnny Tan Boon Hock. Sarawak Shell Berimd Malaysia

Session 2

-Session Chairmen OSEA - 94192 O S E A - 9 4 0 4 9 OSEA - 94070 OSEA - 94105

Advances in Petroleum Geology & Geophysics 1

Mr John Bishop, SEAPEX c/o Western Gcophvsioai Singapore Mr Roger Eubank Eulsank Energy Corp.

Information Management: Surflnt The internet For Oeoloflcal And Geophyaical D a U

Dr Edna D F Re^d, Nanyang Technological University Singapore; Ms Kelly Smoot. Straus Energj- Consullanls SingajTore

The Worth Sea TYoU Field : A MnlU - DiacipUaary Approach To Recovery From Thin OÜ Zones Combined With L a r j e Scale Gsa Production

Mr Tore Lilloc - Olsen, Mr Svein Erik Wctmcmo & M r Kjcll Arne Oppeboen. Norsk HydroA.S .Norwav

Seismostratlcraphic Analysis And ReUtive Sea Level Changes I n Parts O f Upper With Special Reference to Paieocene - Eocene Formations

Mr S Rath, Mr B. Bharali & A.K. Sethi. Oil India Limited.lndia

Redirectinc ExploraUon Strateglea In Offshore Central Philippines

Mr Freddie G Rillera & Dennis V. Bmganiban, E.F. Durkec And Associates, Inc. (EFDA),Philippines;

Philip M. Rimando, Trans - Asia Oil & Mineral Development Corporation.Pliilippines

Assam Basin

Session 3

-Session Chairmen OSEA - 94041 O S E A - 9 4 0 4 3 OSEA - 94113 OSEA - 94170 OSEA - 94133 OSEA - 94023

Offshore Technology 2 :

Floating Production

Mr Lccndcrt Van Hellemond, Sarawak Shell Berhad,Malaysia Mr Tang Ying Kce, Senitawang Bethlehem Pte Lld.Singapore

: Dlaconnectable T n n e t Moored F i o a U n j Piodaction And Offloadlnc Unit At Lnfenc 13 - 1 Field

Mr Fumio Imai & Mr Masaki Kawasc, Modec lnc.,Japan; Mr Vernon R Johnson, Sofcc Inc, USA

: Floating Prodnction Design Chalienses

Mr Thor Naess, Aker Engineering A.S., Norway

: A Hybrid Riser For Deepwater

Mr C.H. Alexander, Mr J.C. Mungall & Mr D.U Garrett, Mobil Research & Development Corporation.USA

: Steep S Flexible Riser Conflcoration - Caae Studies

Mr S h a h n i l Faiz Mohd. Aziz, Petronas Research & Scientific Services Sdn Bhd.Malaysia

: Selection, Installation And Operation Of Safety Relief Systems On BHP s Jabiru Aad Challis FPSO's

Mr J i m Franklin, John Zink Company.USA; Mr Rosnan De Silva, .John Zink.Singapore

: Structural Strength AnalyaiB Of Large Retrieval Anchoring System For A Semisnbmeraible Floater


Session 4 -

Advances in Petroleum Geology & Geophysics 2

Seaaion Chainnen O S E A . - 9 4 1 0 1 OSEA 94056 OSEA - 94026 O S E A - 9 4 0 5 1 OSEA - 94097 OSEA - 94004

Mr Ian Cross, lEDS U d Singapore

Ms Kelly Smoot, Straits Encrg>- Consiillants.Singaporr

Commerdal Gaa PosajblUtles l a ManUa Bay And Its Environs 1 ^

Mr Alessandro O. Sales & Ms Maria Victoria M. Martince, Comcxco Inc. (Consultants] Philippines; Mr Dennis V Panganiban, E.R Durkee &. Associates Inc,Philippines

Carbon Isotopes I n Sontlieast Asian Lacustrine Sourced OÜs And Source Rocks 167

Ms Sandra Ixe Williams St Mr Harold H Williams, Sunwapta Minerals Ud.Canada

Determinstlon Of Potential Yield and Volatile Hydroeaibons r r o m Well Logs I n Potential 1S5 Source Rocks

Mr Lin Jing Long, Daqing Petroleum Institute Australia,

Dr Henry A Salisch, Centre for Petroleum Engineering, University of New South Wales Australia

Southwest Palawan, Philippines: A Case Study I n Seismic Imaging And Interpretation Of 197 Complex Structures

Mr Philip M Rimando, Mr Gerardo A Manual fii. Mr Raymundo A Rc\-es ..Ir, Trans - Asia Oil f i Mineral Development Corpomtion Philippines

Management Of Sni>snriace Uncertainties During Phase I Development Of The D3S Field, 209 Offshore Ssrswsk, Msisysia

Mr Ccorge F. Canjar, Sarawak Shell Berhad Malaysia

NSO A' Field : A New Geological Model, Incorporating Results O f An Integrated Study Of 3D Seismic 223 Analysis And Geological WeU Data

Mr Arman C Sunaryo, Mohil Oil Indonesia Inc. Indonesia

Session 5 -

Offshore Technology 3:


Session Chairmen : Mr Steve Kirchhoff, Esso Production Malaysia Inc. Malaysia

Mr Etlw.irdus Ng, Uct Norske Veritas Industry. Division S.E.A. Singapore

O S E A - 9 4 0 1 4 : InsuUtion Costing Design For EPMI's Guntong D Pipeline

Mr Tcrentx Tan Kim .Jin, Mr Djavid Alirahian &• Mr Gary Orgill, Esso Pro<iuction Malaysia Inc. Malaysia;

Mr lain Smith. [Jrilish Pipe Coalers Limited UK

OSEA - 94190 : A Deterministic Approach to Burial Depth Reqnirementa For Pipeline Shore Approach Design On an Eroding Coast

M r T o m Foster, Ms Ida Broker. Mr Hakeem Johnson & Mr Vagner Jacobsen, Danish Hydraulic Instilute Denmark; Mr Gap,- Orgill, Esso PixxJuction Malaysia Inc. Malaysia

Mr David Adams. Brown and Root Engineering Sdn Bhd Malaysia


257 OSEA - 94132 : Southeast A s U Meteorological And Oceanographic Hindcast Study (SEAMOS)

Mr Vincent J. Cardone, Occanwcalhcr Inc. USA Dr, Colin K Grant, BP Exploration. UK.

OSEA - 94137 : The Use O f Manual And Automated ACFM Techniques For Subsea and Topaide Crack Detection and Sizing

Dr David A Topp, Technical Software Consullanls Ltd UK

2 8 1

Session 6 - Horizontal Drilling

Seaaion Cbairmen OSEA - 94030 OSEA - 94164 OSEA - 94161 O S E A - 94059

Mr Paul Vorabutr, f l T Exploration «» Production Public Co Thailand Mr Kyle Graves, Baker Hughes Singapore

Horizontal Technology I n OU fli Gaa Production I n Westem Canada

Mr Robert G Knoll, 11 - Tech Petroleum ( i n s u l t i n g Inc. Canada; Dr W C Maurer, Maurer Engineering Inc. USA

Geometry T^nsformed Model For SfmpUfied Approach On Horizontal WeU Modelling I n The Palas Field, Peninsular Malaysia

Mr Emi Suhardi Bin Mohd Fadzil (4. Di Norman Mani, Petronas Malaysia

Design Criteria For Selecting Stearable and Rotary Assembly For Highly Deviated To Extended Reach Horizontal DrUUng

M r S S Rahman & Mr M Agwani, University of New South Wales Australia

Practical Methods To Predict Horizontal WeU Performance

Mr Pudji Pcmnadi. Institute Of Technology Bandung Indonesia; Mr Rusdi H. Soesilo, PPITMGB'Lemigas' Indonesia

2S9 313 319 333


Session 7 -

OfTshore Technology 4:

Structural Engineering

Session Chairmen O S E A - 9 4 0 0 2 O S B A - 9 4 0 0 7 * OSEA - 94091 OSEA - 94120 OSEA - 94104 O S B A - 9 4 0 6 8

Mr K E Nag,', Kenton Maiine Pte Ltd Singaixire

Mr Chia MengTeck, Det Norske Veritas Industry-. Division S.E.A Singapore

: Effect Of Air Cham]>er I^eogth On Stability Of Open Bottom Platform

Mr Qi Xin - Yuan, China Ship Scicnlifie Research O n t e r PRC; Mr Liu B i n . Fudan University PRC

: Evaluation Of Methods For Fatigue AnalyBia Of Offshore Mooring Lines

Mr Halvor Lie & Mr Ivar Fylling, Nonvcgian Marine Technotogj,' Research Institute Norway

: The Effects Of Marine Growth On Structural Integrity Of Fixed Steel J a c k e t

Mr Rozilah Kamarudin, Petronas Carigali Malaysia

: Stochastic Analysia For Fixed OfTahore Stmctures; An Application I n Sway Assessment

Mr Teo Yen Peng & Mr Chia Chor Yeu. Det Norske Veritas Industiy Pte Ltd Singapore

: The Dynamically Positioned Pipelay Vessels 'Lorelay' And 'Solitaire'

Mr H R M Vermeulen, Allseas Manne Contractors S.A The Netherlands

: Hydrodynamic Loading On Semi - Submersibles And Tenrion Leg Platforms In Steady Currenta

Mr A n m KR. Dev, Shiphydromechanica Laboratory Tu Delft The Netherlands

339 345 353 367 377

Session 8 - Drilling Technology

Seasion Chairmen O S E A - 94017 OSE-A - 94189 OSEA - 94185 OSEA - 94102 OSEA - 94077 OSEA - 94184 * OSEA - 94180 -Alt' OSEA - 94021 -Alt'

: Mr Mohamad Ismail, PETRONAS Malaysia Mr Martin EUms, Baker Hughes Singapore

: The Teclmicai And Environmental MeriU O f Water Based Glycol Drilling Fhiids

Mr Steve Young & Ms Monica Slater, Anchor Drilling Fluids A / S Norway

: Reuse Of Wsterbased Drilling Fluid • •Mad Bank"

Mr Erik Sorbyc. Kvaerner Engineering A.S Environmental Norway

: BOP Equipmeat CoasideraUoaa For HPHT DriiUag

Mr Michael E Montgomery, WEST - Well Control Equipment & Systems Tech. USA

: Aspects O f Surface Splitter Welihesd Desiga: A Hovel Method To AUow DrUUng, Casing And Completing Two Independent Wells in One Welihesd Housing

M r [Joiigias D. Hall & Mr,Joe S. Johnson, Kvaerner National Inc. USA

: High Temperature AppUcatlon Of Retrievable MWD Systems

Mr Roy J Coc, Anadrill Schlumberger Japan;

Mr Saiji Saito, JMC Geothermal Engineering Co. Ltd, Japan

: WeU Control Equipment Informstlon Bsse

Mr Michael E Montgomery. West - Well a j n t r o l Equipmeni & Syslems Tech. USA

Horizontal TTees For Offshore Platform AppUcationa

Mr Rol)crt Wrilt, Kvaerner National - Div of Kvaerner Singapore Singapore; MrHill McDougal & Ms Vicki Corso, Kvaerner National Inc, USA

A Sound Alternative For OUweU Cementing

Mr Gino DiLuUo. BJ Services Company Singapore; Mr .Icff Hibt>clcr, B I Services Company Indonesia

393 401 407 415 423 433 435

Session 9 - Computer Technology

Session Chsirmen Mr Larry Meaux, Petroleum Tcchnologj'Asso<-iatcs (S) I t e Ltd Singapore

Mr Tan Kim Ftong, Ngee Ann Polytechnic Singapore

Integrated CAD Databases I n The Design And Operstlon Of OU Aad Gas Fscilitles

Mr David H V Whecldon. CAD Centre Limited UK

AdvsBces I n Metoeeaa Techaology To Meet The Eagiaeering Needs Of The 90 s Offshore East


Dr Chris Graham & Mr Rozlari Bin Ramli. Sarawak Shell Berhad Malaysia

Plato QRA - Or How Good Is E v e a t Ttee Analysis?

D r V M Trbojcvic, M r C PChampan, Hr M M Dawes & Mr A Mutch, Four Elements Ltd. UK

Automatic History Matching To Determine T h e Origiaal Gaa l a Place Of A Water - Drive Reservoir

Mr Ycong - Long Chen, Mr Ta - lin Chen, Mr 1 - Chan W u , Mr Chien - I Wu, Mr Shcng - Hsiuiig Wang a» Mr Mo - Kiang Wang, Chinese Petroleum Corporalion Taiwan

OSEA - 94062 - A l t ' : Evolutioa of the Operstions Databaae : "Emcrgeace &om Data CoUectioa aad Reporting to Analysis aad Decisioa Support'

Mr K. C. Oren Munro Garrett International , Australia

O S E A - 9 4 1 6 3 OBBA - 94100 OSEA - 94168 O S E A - 9 4 0 0 6 443 453 461 469 4S1


Session 10 - Production Engineering 1

Mr Rrrd Grey, Sarawak Shell Berhad/SSI'O Malaysia Mr Mohamad ismail, PETRONAS Malaysia

Improved C T U Loccinc Technique! I S Horlzontiü Wells - An OChhore Australls Csse Study

Mr Dale Cheneiy & Mr l^oug Cole, Nowaco Well Service (SE Asia) Pic Limited Sing.-ipore; Mr Steve Borchers, Western Australia Petroleum Fly Limited (WAPET) Australia

A Novel Screen Techsolocy For Ssnd Control I n Conventions! And Colled Tubing Designs

Mr Scott Caothien. and Mr Reza Hashemi, Pall Corporation USA. Mr Lawrence Wetjer, Unocal (Corporation USA

Evslustlon Of Perforated Completions I n High And Moderate Permeability Ofl Reaervoira, Belida fleld Caae Study

Mr Imanudin, Mr Sueinwii (4. Mr Irwan R Juniardi, (ijnoco Indonesia Ino. Indonesia

Laboratory Study o f t h e Long Term FormaUon Damage AssoeUted with H E C Gels Used at Elevated Temperatnrea

Dr Amrollah Mehdizadeh, O l i f o m i a Polytechnic Slate University USA; Mr Scoll (iiotbien, Mr Christophe Malbrcl, Pall C^orporation USA.

OSEA - 94032 - Alt*: Proppant Selection Based On Formstion Grain Size - A Neceaaity I n Fracturing Weakly Conaolidated Formations

Mr PAndy SookprasongRiMrGino Di Lullo, BJ Services Company Singapore

Session Chairmen * OSEA - 94086 OSEA - 9404S OSEA - 9416S OSEA - 94044 487 495 50S 513

Session 11 - Environment

Session Chairmen OSEA • 94O08 * OSEA - 94061 OSEA - 94011 OSËA - 94076 OSEA - 94025 OSEA - 94129

Mr Z a f r u l Alam, Ministo' of <:ommuniciilions Siiig.it)ore Mr Wong Mciig Hoe, M H Wong Marine Pic Ltd Singafmrc

Environmental Auditing Perapectives For Oil And Gas Developments I n MataysU

Mr David Evans & Mr Yong Eu Fan, Mr Khoo Ming Ghee tJct Norske Veritas Indiistrv Sdn Bhd Malaysia

An Overview O f Environmental And Safety Regulationa For OÜ And Gas ExploraUon And ProducUon I n China

Mr Ming Yang Brown H. Root Environmental USA

Emiaalon Inventorlea, Green House Emissions & Offshore PoUuUon Control Systems From Drilling & Processing FadHUea of Bombay High (West Cosst), India

Dr Jitcndra Swamp Sharma & DrSurandra Man, Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd India

Development Of Computer Model For Aasessment Of OU Tanker PoUuUon Riaka

Mr A Huw Jones,Mr Nicholas R li>rdcTO,Mr Mark Vine & Mr Timothy G Fowler, [ > t Norske Veritas Technica Ltd UIC

Developing Effective OU SpiU Management In Remote Aud Tropical Environments

Mr J P Smith, fis Mr Warren While, Maxus Southeast Sumatra Inc Indonesia; Dr John Wardrop, AGC - Wcxxlward Clyde Australia

Toxicity Of Selected Dispersant* On Msxine Organisms

Ms Hahza Abdul Halim & Ms Sheib Devi Ramachanndran, Fttronas Research & Scientific Svs Sdn Bhd Malaysia


S27 541


557 OSEA - 94162 - A K * : Assessment Of Toxicity of PHPA And Ester Based Muds and their Impact O n Local Speciea

Mr S S Rahman 81. Mr I Gulcc, University Of New Soulh Wales Australia; Mr J (Oilman, Baroid UK

561 OSEA - 94174 - Alt* : Sludge Disposal in Petroleum Processing Industry . LAKWA OU Field

Dr R P Singh, Mrs Bharii Bhatia ti. Mr N i'.loshi. Oil & Natural Gas O i i f x j r a t i o n Ltd India


Session 12 - Production Engineering 2

Session Chairmen OSEA - 9 4 0 I S OSEA - 94171 OSEA - 94046

Mr t ^ r l H Bender, Esso Production Malaysia Inc Malaysia

Mr Paul Vorabutr, PTT Exploration Production Public Co Thailand

QnantitaUve AppUcaUon Of Live Crude Rheology For Waxy Crudes

Mr C C Fellows Ü Mr Liong Khai Krat. Esso Production Malaysia Inc. Malaysia;

Offshore ProducUon Systems For Very Deep Wsters - Prospects And ChaUenges

Mr Anders Johaniiessen, Kvaener Engineering A.S, Norway

HeUco - A x i a l MnlUpbase Pump - Product Development SelecUon Tools and AppUcaUona

Mr Jacques De Salis, Sulzer Pömpes France France;

Mr Georges Moins, t t Mr J C Oudin Technip Gcoproduction France; Mr Jean Falcimaignc, Institut Francais Du Petrole France

579 587 595


O S E A - 9 4 0 4 S O S E A - 9 4 0 7 4

* OSEA - 94084 : O S E A - 9 4 0 7 S - A l t * :

Intecrated Snbsea MoIUpbase Flowmeter

Mr Gcorr High, Kvaerner FSSL Ltd UK

Subaea Control Syatema - IntervenUon Methods And Contingency Repair Optlona

Mr Sigiird Moe, Kongsberg Offshore A S, Norway

Compntation Of Pipeline Bending Stiaina Based On Geopig MeasnremenU

Mr Ewcn Kleppang, Sarku Nowsco Well Services Sdn Bhn Malalsia; Mr John R Adams & M r Jaroslaw A Czjz, Nowsco Well ServiA Ltd (ianada

Multiphase Metering : A Tool For Cost Optimisation

Mr Edmund -Hugo Lunde, & Mr VidarSten -Halvorsen, KongsVjerg Offshore A S. Nonvay

611 627


Session 13 - Natural Gas

Seaaion Chairmen : Mr Mohamad Ismail, f t l r o n a s Malaysia

Mr Paul Vorahutr, PTT Exploration & Production Public (U, Thailand

O S E A - 9 4 1 1 9 O S E A - 9 4 0 9 0 O S E A - 9 4 1 1 6 OSEA - 94193

Selection Of Method And Assessment Of lUsk Associated With Repsir Of "Live" Gaa Riser Subjected To Severe Eicternsl Corrosion

Mr.Jens P. Tronskar, Det Norske Veritas Industry- Singaprjre; Mr Stein Frcdhcim, Det Norske Veritas Iridustrj- Norway; Mr Jonathan Good, Stena Offshore A.S, Norway

High Performance Solventa For Gas Treating Applications

Mr James C, Thomas, Union Cirbidc Asia FVicific Inc. Malaysia

Design And Construction Of A 46 - Inch Gas Pipeline Shore Approsch

Mr Keith Sholb<5lt, Bechlel Limited England

Typical Applications Of Structural Survey Using The Liiard Defect Detection, Sizing, Imaging & Reporting Systems.

M.N. Bently-Millstrong Lid, Portsmouth, U.K. E.A Pedcrsen-Elf Aquitaine Norge AS, Norway J.G. Krol-AEA Technologv- (formerly B P Expro) U.K. R.Croome- Shell Expro, Lowestoft,U.K,

645 655 6 6 1 671

Session 14

Session C h s i r m e n OSEA - 94136 O S E A - 9 4 0 0 3 OSEA - 94187 OSEA - 94191 OSEA - 94096 - Alt*:


Mr Jimiiiic Aung Khm, APKA rijmpany Pte Ltd Singapore Mr J i m Starkey, Australian Institute of Pt;troleum Ltd Australia

Ofl Supply And Demand I n A Free Msrket: A Price Reflection

Dr Alforgi M. Zaid, United Arab Emirales University UAE

Gas Conversion : An Economic Alternative To Gas Reii^ectlon

Dr Duncan Scddon, Hiridsford Pt>- Ltd Australia; Dr David Antia, DCA t:bnsultants Ltd UK

Historic Riak And Reward I n S. E . Asian Ejtploration - A Lookback At Value Creation And Destruction I n Indonesia, Thailand And The Philippines

Mr Chris B Newton, Fletcher Challenge Pclrolcuiii New Zealand

F a s t Tïack, Low Coat Rontea To First Ofl From Marginal Subsea Fields

Mr Chris Austen, Gerard Engineering Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Malaysia-Mr Robin S C o l q u h o u n i Malaysia-Mr Brian E Lane. Ck-rard Engineering Ltd S(X.lland

T o U I Cost Of Ownership

M r O n n Mohd Y u s o f f & Mr Mohd Azmi, Sarawak Shell Bhd Malaysia

685 6 8 9 699 721 727

Session 15

Session Chairmen OSEA - 94055 OSEA - 94098 OSEA - 94019 OSEA - 94140

- Health & Safety

Mr Wong Meng Hoc. M H Wong Marine Pte Ltd Singapore Mr Zafrul Alain, Ministry- of c::ommimications Singapore

M^or Emergency Command Training For Offahore Installation Managera

Mr J . S. Henderson, Montrose Fire & Emergency Training (>:ntrc UK

AppUcatlon Of A QuaUty Management System Approsch To HSE

Mr KongTcow M i n g f i . Mr R R Kramers. Sara wak Shell Berhad Malaysia

Ssfety Msnsgement System Development I n The South C h i n s Sea

Mr Mark E Boben Mr Peter Rule, Phillips Pctroleunt Intl Cxirpn Asia PRC

Practical AppUcaUona O f Human Factora Methoda I n Oflahore InstaUaUon Design

Mr P G Brabazon. Mr W H Gibson. Mr G Tinline (4 Mr BA Lcathley, Four Elements Ltd UK

733 739 747 757


OSEA - 9 4 I S S : Safety And Envlionmental Aapecta of M3 And M l Dealen

Mr .l.-iYieii Van Bc<-k ft Mr Chong Kok .lin Sarawak Shc-ll Berhad Malaysia

OSEA - 94020 : The Oticina And Conaequencea Of NatuiaUy Occurrlne Radiation Material For the S. E . Aala OU And Gas Industry

Mr Simon Briscoe, AEA Technologv UK;

Mr Kaizal Farid Wajidi, Applied Phv'sics !4 Pn>-ess Tcchnologj- Sdn Bhd Malaysia

767 773

Session 16

-Seaaion Chsirmen OSEA - 94186 : OSEA - 94040 : OSEA - 94037 : OSEA - 94064 : OSEA - 94124 : OSEA - 94109 OSEA - 94092 - Alt*:

Reservoir Development

Mr Chris Palmer, Petroline Wireline Services U d Singapore Mr Stuart Taylor, Western Atlas, Software.Malaysia.

Overpressure I n The MaUy - Penyu Basin And I U Effect On DrlUinc Procrammea

Mohd Shariff Kader, l\'lionas Carigali Sdn Bhd Malaysia

Characterisation Of OU Field Recovery Ualng Geostatistical Croaa - Sectional ModeU

Ur W f i Cierbacia. Mr H P Pristiwanlo ft Mr Agut Rahardja, f T O l t e x Pacific Indonesia

Multiphase Flow Pressure Drop in HorUontsl WeUs: Is It SigniScant?

Mr Azmi Mohd Arshad, Mr Muhammad A Manan ft Mr Abdul Razak, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

HorUontal WeU And Reservoir Simulation For Further Development Planning And Maximising The Recovery I n The Baionia Field, Sarawak, Malayaia

Mr Tee Chew Fbh ft Ur Elden Jaafar, f^ttronas tCangali Sdn Bhd Malaysia

Use Of Reservoir Simulstion To Resolve Geological Uncertaintiea And Optimise Development I n The Complex E 1 4 Reservoir, Dnlang Field

Mr Azly Aziz, Mr Kariikuy Soiirex;i.Mr Mohd Klialid Embong&fcfr.CiregSolomon Petronas Oirigali Sdn Bhd Malaysia

Paramagnetism Resonance : A Tool For Logging

Dr R K Shanna, Mr T K Das, Mr S K Sood ft Mr.) M Kothe, Oil ft Natural Gas f i 5 n » r a t i o n Ltd India

A New Method For Determining The Frsctal Dimensions Of Pore Stmctures And Ita AppUcatlon

Mr Shen Pingping ft Mr Li Keweii, Research Inst ol (Vtiolcum Exploration ft Devt PRC

793 803 813 8 2 1 849 857



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