Which place is the best for someone who

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Which place is the best for someone who 1 likes cheap things. 

2 can’t make up their mind.  3 likes using the latest technology.  4 likes unusual things. 

a Susie’s is a clothes shop with a difference. You won’t find anything boring here. We offer clothes with a difference. Clothes that will make people look at you. Clothes that models and superstars will be wearing after you! Be different. Come to Susie’s.

b Davidson’s is a new supermarket in the centre of town. It sells good, basic food and promises that its prices will always be lower than any other shop. If you can find the same thing cheaper, you will get your money back. That’s a promise!

c Elaine’s is a new women’s clothes shop. We sell clothes that all women will like. Things you can wear to work or in your free time without people staring at you. We also have a very special photo service. You can have your photo taken in any clothes you try on then see yourself in 3D on the Internet when you get home and decide which looks best.

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Przeczytaj poniższy tekst. Uzupełnij luki 1–3, wybierając jedną z podanych możliwości a, b lub c, tak aby otrzymać logiczny, spójny i poprawny językowo tekst.

I enjoy 1 ___________ to the cinema and I don’t mind what kind of film I see. My girlfriend likes romantic comedies. They aren’t my favourite kind of film but they’re OK. When I’m with my friends or on my own, I 2 ____________ action films or science fiction films. There’s only one cinema in my town and it isn’t very big. It only shows two different films a week. Last year, I 3 ___________ to a cinema in London which had ten different films on at the same time!

1 a going b to go c go

2 a watch usually b am usually watching c usually watch

3 a have been b went c had gone

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Przeczytaj poniższe opisy sytuacji w języku polskim. Z podanych odpowiedzi a, b i c wybierz właściwą reakcję.

1 Nudzisz się z kolegą/koleżanką. Jak zaproponujesz wyjście do kina?

a Where’s the nearest cinema?

b How about going to the cinema?

c Do you like going to the cinema?


2 Twojej koleżance nie podobała się reklama, który właśnie obejrzeliście/obejrzałyście. Ty uważasz, że była zabawna. Co powiesz?

a I think it was funny.

b Was it funny?

c I don’t think it’s funny.

3 Pracujesz w sklepie z odzieżą. Klient chce przymierzyć ubrania. Co mu powiesz?

a Here’s your change.

b That’s OK, I’ll change it for you.

c The changing room is over there.

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