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Module 3 Extra practice


Academic year: 2021

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Module 3

Module 3 Extra practice


1 Przeczytaj podpowiedzi i znajdź w diagramie szukane wyrazy.

y n t a l l k o g i d f p

a u r u o a f u n n y r y

c i f m i h o n i g a i i

n t a l k a t i v e h e c

a c h d o g a y p o o n n

h a r d w o r k i n g d n

o w i d y o a h n i f l e

d o r a l d u d w u a y y

1 Someone who talks a lot is talkative . 2 Colin plays football, volleyball and tennis.

He’s very g at sport.

3 Serena does her homework every night.

She’s very h  .

4 I like watching cartoons on TV. They’re always f  .

5 A t person isn’t short.

6 Jake is very f  . He loves parties and likes meeting new people.


2 Uzupełnij tabelkę.


3 Ułóż zdania z podanych wyrazów.

1 fastest / the / is / animal / a / cheetah A cheetah is the fastest animal.

2 cobra / is / a / than / longer / mouse / a

. 3 is / dog / friendliest / a / the / animal

. 4 than / tortoise / is / a / cobra / a / slower

. 5 cat / scorpion / is / a / dangerous / a / than /


. 6 the / strongest / elephant / is / an / animal



4 Uzupełnij pytania wyrazami z ramki.

where who best friendlier than which

1 Which is bigger: a horse or a mouse?

2 Are you more talkative your best friend?

3 is the tallest boy in your class?

4 Is a dog than a cat?

5 Are you the at English in your class?

6 are there more things to do, in the city or in the country?


5 Odpowiedz na pytania z ćwiczenia 4.

1 A horse.

2 3 4 5 6 Adjective


good friendly



younger better

more generous

more beautiful


the most handsome Comparative Superlative


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